How To Use Rippln: Official Mobile Ripple App Guide

Mobile Ripple App Guide To Rippln

Official Mobile Ripple App Guide to RipplnWelcome to Rippln. We are so glad that you’re here because we believe that incentive sharing makes the world a better place, we want to reward you when you share. This will not only benefit you financially, but also help you to change a lot of other peoples’ lives as well.

Just imagine how much good will happen when billions of dollars that are flowing through technology companies start getting shared with people like you and me who are currently doing all the word-of-mouth marketing for these companies for free. Wouldn’t that be cool? We could change a lot of peoples’ lives with that money, and what would you do if you were earning a full-time income just by sharing cool apps and technology just like you’re already doing and telling others about Rippln?

  • How would that free you up so that you could live life on your terms?
  • What could you do that wasn’t possible before?
  • What trips would you take, or what charities would you donate to?
  • Just imagine who you could become when money was no longer a worry for you!

These are all the things that can happen when you follow the plan that we’ll give you for sharing Rippln with the world.

I am going to show you how to invite people to Rippln before we open to the public. Now this is huge because the day we go public, your ripple could already be spread around the world, and who knows, that could be worth a lot of money to you.

You’re at the beginning of this ripple. Literally, you’re one of the very first ripple makers, and we believe that this could grow into hundreds of millions of people. Don’t you agree? Just think about it. Who doesn’t want to make money by sharing hot apps? You’re probably already doing it right now. Am I right? You might as well get paid for it.

This concept will go viral. Lots of people are going to want to know about this, and you should be the first to tell them. When you do, your ripple will grow bigger and you can get paid even more. It’s a simple concept that’s time has come. All you need to do is follow these simple directions and watch your ripple effect grow across the globe, so are you ready?

Here’s What You Need To Do To Start Your Ripple With Rippln:


What is Rippln - How to Use Rippln - Step 1Step Number One: You Need to Plug Into Rippln

First things first is to make sure you’re watching all the Rippln media. Those who educate themselves will grow the biggest ripples. It’s important that you get the full story so that you’re ready for what’s coming next.

Second is book our conference calls and webinars on your calendar. We’re a very fun community that’s always got something going on. Now these calls will be crucial so you can stay updated with Rippln as we get closer to our public release, and the more you know the more you can make.

Third is to attend one of our Rippln Live events. We believe in high touch high tech. That’s why we come together as a community so often to focus on reaching our goals together. You’re going to form amazing relationships at our events and this will give you an advantage to grow your ripple. We guarantee that the ripple makers who attend our live events will be the ones rewarded the most, but after you make sure you’ve plugged into everything that’s going on, then it’s time to turn your attention towards step number two.


What is Rippln - How to Use Rippln - Step 2Step Number Two is Invite Your Top Five to Rippln

Use our invite system to send out five invites to the people who you think are going to love Rippln. Just fill in their name, their email, and their phone number, and we’ll send an invitation on your behalf. Once they sign the same NDA that you did, we’ll show them behind the scenes of Rippln. Plus they will be tracked to you in the ripple. Each person that they invite are also in your ripple.

Can you see how this is going to grow really quick? You can have a lot of people in your ripple as this goes viral, and once we enter into phase number two when people choose to become qualified Rippln players by simply inviting fans, you could have a huge payday.

We believe that many of the fast to six figure, or even seven figure stories will be created through Rippln and incentivized sharing. Apps are the fastest growing technology on the planet, and it’s only getting bigger. Now is the time for you to take action.

For your first friends or colleagues, focus on those who are most business savvy. We’re looking for influential people in our early stages, those who will see the big picture of where we’re going and want to be part of it. We want people who think big and who care about our mission. We won’t stop until millions of people around the world are being rewarded for the value that they create by sharing technology.

Now after your first five invites, the system will automatically unlock five more invites for you, so keep inviting people who you think would be a good fit, and that leads me to step number three…


What is Rippln - How to Use Rippln - Step 3Step Number Three: The Rippln Blitz Campaigns

Every so often we’re going to open up the Rippln system for a blitz, meaning that for a 24 hour period of time, you won’t have just five invites, you’ll get a special referral link that will allow you to invite unlimited people for that period of time!

Once you’ve unlocked a blitz, you’ll see your blitz link under the marketing tab. You can use this link to share Rippln with your community. This allows you to refer lots of people at once all attracted to your ripple. You can use our tools to share your blitz through your social media profiles, or in your email contacts, the blitz is going to help you to grow your ripples lightning fast and prepare for the big opening day.

If you follow these three steps, your ripple will start to grow, if you want to win the Rippln pre-launch game and compete against other community members to see who can grow the biggest ripple the fastest. All of your growth is tracked and we’ll be giving away prizes to new members who are rippling the most. Make sure to check in daily to see the new updates and growth happening in your ripple.

It’s amazing the impact that one person can have just by sharing this with their friends. We have a feeling that many people will be surprised to see how far the ripple effect has been spreading without them even knowing.

In closing, we’d like to leave with an analogy.

Imagine if you were one of the first one thousand people to get on Facebook, would you have thought that just one decade later your ripple effect on the world would have reached over a billion people. That’s unbelievable yet it happened. Now just imagine, what if you got paid a portion of the money that Facebook made off of your ripple?

We consider this the beginning of a movement as big as a Facebook. You are now consciously rebuilding your social app, except this time on a platform that pays you for it.

You are here at the very beginning. You are the first ripple makers, and this time you’ll get your own piece of the pie. In just 36 months from now, hundreds of millions of people could be in the ripple, and the question is who invited them first? Just follow steps one through three, and let’s find out.

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